Yunnan Province "South of the Yun"

Located to the south of the Yun Range (Yun Ling, Cloudy Mountains). Yunnan province lies In the south-west of China and is bordered by Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Tibet. I have read that Yunnanese women don't mind getting their hands dirty and working. It isn't unusual in Yunnanese villages for men to take care of the children at home while the women are out working in the fields.

River Yangtze flowing through deep gorges in Western Yunnan. 2015
The valleys and terraced hills are devoted to rice cultivation. 2015
Rice planters - 2015
Rice planting - 2015
Rice planting - 2015
Songazanglin Monastery
Building site, Shanri-La. 2015
Building site, Shangri La. 2015
Building site, Shangr-La. 2015
Building site , Shangri-La. 2015

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